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Standing Committees


Building Maintenance

Building Use

Endowments and Memorials

Grounds and Landscaping

Records and History

Membership and Public Relations

School House

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Weeding, gardening, painting, handyman skills.

Organize community events, fundraisers, or serve as a docent. Work with a librarian, perform research, take photographs.  Assist with PR, contacting potential donors,for money or current physical needs.  Write an article for the newsletter, fold and stamp mailings. 




Get Involved


Looking for somewhere enriching to volunteer or donate funds?  Baldwin Hall is now over 150 years old.  Former history includes housing a church, theater groups, and now a variety of artistic displays, private functions, and public meetings of community groups.  Many records of local activities are preserved in the schoolhouse library.  Its history then symbolized rights protected under the first amendment - freedom to exercise one's religious faith, freedom to express ones self, and freedom to assemble.  


Our primary purpose is to protect and preserve historically significant structures for the education of future generations. We appreciate the values, struggles, and accomplishments of those who have lived before us.   We strive to serve the community by bringing others in to host activities that are beneficial to the neighborhood.  We host art  shows or drives, elementary school PTA's, or civic associations.


What we do is important.  We offer the opportunity for you to get to know your neighbor through a common bond - our building.  We are the place where someone teaches your children how to express themselves and where you have the opportunity to appreciate the expressions of others.  We are a solid, beautiful structure to place before our children as a monument to our community's members.  We preserve the records and history of those community members so their descendants can learn about them.  We have reconstructed the forum in which one of the most basic functions of our government - educations of our young- took place for over 50 years.  With your donations of money and time we maintain these structures and make available the programs that benefit our community.  We need your help, and you can feel proud to be part of it!



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